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Pinned topic Cloud Computing Use Cases V4 – Open for input on next topic

‏2010-02-11T20:39:45Z |
To start the discussion of topic which will form the base for Version 4 of the paper here are 5 topics to consider and provide feedback :

1)Service Level Agreements
2)Scheduling and Provisioning
3)Asset Management
5)Moving to the Cloud

If there is a topic that is not here that you feel should be considered by the discussion group, do not hesitate to add your topic.

A more complete description of the above can be found at

In addition, we are looking at expanding the discussion on Security in the Cloud to a 12 to 15 page document. We would like your input on this thought as well.

In order to consolidate your comments, please post your comments to which is part of the Cloud Computing Use Cases Google Group at In order to post, if you are not already a member, please click on “ Join this Group”.