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‏2013-11-11T20:28:19Z |

I need to write a session relevance query that not only gathers iOS and Android devices, but also Blackberry and Windows phones. It looks like the analyses/properties available to retrieve information such as model are specific to device type, e.g. iOS and Android. For example, I have the following query to grab android and ios device models.

    operating system of item 0 of it,
    concatenation "" of values of result (item 0 of it , item 1 of it)
  bes computers,
  bes properties whose (name of it = "Model" and id of it = (9337, 10, 3))
  exists result (item 0 of it, item 1 of it)
  and exists values of result (item 0 of it, item 1 of it)
However, that property is of the "Device Details - Android / Apple iOS" analysis (id = 10), which I assume wont be available for devices such as Blackberries. In addition to Model, I am also retrieving Serial Number, Manufacturer, and Model ID all of which are of aforementioned analysis. 

How would I go about requesting the same information but support other devices in the same query? As a design requirement, I can't change anything on the TEM side unless I absolutely have to.

Thank you!


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