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Pinned topic TPOfOSD - Web Interface / Management Issue

‏2013-12-13T07:04:38Z |

Hello everyone,

Recently i have installed TPMfOSD and have been deploying Win7 / W2k8 images without issues.

My last attempt was deploying a WinXP / WinXPe OS but i came across this error message while TPM is trying to transfer the MDT files:

On the target device - "waiting for os deployment server to unblock this target".

Once i saw this message i though that i need to manually unblock the target using the TPM Web Interface extension but i cannot login to the interface, while trying get this message: "NO JAVASCRIPT".

The TPM web interface site is a part of the Trusted sites, Active Scripting is enabled (IE10), The Certificate is trusted... whats the problem?

Any one came across the Target Blocked issue or the lack of ability to connect to the TPM Web interface?

Any help will be much appreciated!