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Pinned topic Workspace migration issues 8.0.3 -> 8.5.1

‏2013-05-13T14:25:38Z | migration workspace


I've recently converted from 8.0.3 to 8.5.1; I just loaded 8.5.1 and pointed it at my workspace.

The main issue I'm having, concerns the File Associations being lost.

It appears that the way that the iSeries source file associations are maintained has changed in this new version.

We use several different member type tags for our source to differentiate source type, and they were all lost on conversion; I had to redefine them all.

I also found that I had to define the source types/associations in a few extra places now in order to get them to work again.
Additionally, I cannot get the File Associations to 'stick' for my RPG source with special member types. They work for a period of time (could be a day or more, but is sometimes just a few hours), and then for no apparent reason I get an error to the effect of 'does not understand source', and RDP then opens the source in the generic text editor.

I immediately check the File Associations list, and the entry is gone. Therefore I have to re-add it again.

We use .SRVSQLRPG and .SRVRPG to identify RPG service programs.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?



Walt Grace



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