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Pinned topic Experiences using P8 Conent Search Services?

‏2013-09-06T14:59:32Z | conent search services

I'm just reaching out to this forum to receive overall feedback with regards to the installation, configuration and ongoing administration of the P8 Content Search Services optional tools, which provide the full text indexing and searching of unstructured document content.

We are considering recommending this for a client however they have constrained software/hardware and IT budgets so I'm specifically looking for feedback int the following areas:

1. What consideration is needed for deployment of indexing and search service servers? Should they always be separated from CE servers or can they run on the same hardware or virtual server environments?

2. Aside from additional services/servers how much ownership costs will these services add? Would this require another body to administrate and manage or is it typcially managed by CE Administrator?

3. Is there customized training needs for these services?

4. Are there any sizing tools for to assist in deployment design and plans?

5. What are experiences with regards to performance and tuning of full text searching? Any best practices to consider?

I've searched the information center for P8 looking for this type information but haven't found anything specific so again just reaching out to the community to see if anyone cares to share their experiences.

Feel free to reply directly to this post or if you prefer you can email be directly as well at