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‏2013-10-30T20:56:32Z | 5.3 aix kernel


I am hoping that someone can explain what the rtcmd process, it was a process at the top of heap during a system failure we were experiencing.  I have searched all over the internet and here at IBM and cannot find an answer.  Any information is greatly appreciated.

One oddity I find about it is that is doesn't show up in a typical ps -elf command, but it does show up i nmon, topas and svmon.



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    Re: rtcmd


    rtcmd was used in  "remote control facility" (see redbook Implementing Tivoli Remote Control in Large Enterprises).  I am not sure if it is still used or if it really part of the rmc/rsct facility. (do lssrc -a | grep rsct).  If it is being used to remotely execute commands then I am not sure how it would appear in the process table.  You should always try to get a pid or thread.  Try KDB to monitor for this process.