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Pinned topic Certificate Expire issue in TAM

‏2013-05-06T12:35:04Z |


Hello All,

I am getting the below error when I am trying to add any group to TAM account manually.

" Could not create TAM context. 

TAM message:  [ HPDBA0287E   Automatic refresh could not be performed because the certificate has expired. ];; tamModify"

But it seems certificates have been renewed very recently in TAM.

Could any one help me to understand this.

Thanks in Advance

  • childbear
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    Re: Certificate Expire issue in TAM


    Are you trying the pdadmin utility to add the user ? did you check if the internal certificates(ivmgrd.kdb, ivacld.kdb) are expired.? Please use dispkdb utility under /PolicyDirector/sbin to check the certificate expiry