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‏2011-02-18T11:55:37Z |
 Cloud User Roles discussion -

In order to define the roles and the respective responsibilities in support of making the right decision to implement Cloud Computing it may be best to identify the tasks to be completed.

Let’s identify the tasks and then fill in who should be part of completing the task )NOTE: More than one area within the enterprise may need to work together to provide the required information to complete a task). Once we had identified the individuals, then we can start filling in the responsibilities for that individual. Where an individual shows up in more that one decision area, the activities in that role can be added to expand the overall responsibilities.

Let’s start with who makes the decision to adopt Cloud Computing. In otherwords, who is responsible for establishing the criteria for ensuring the right decision is made?
    - What are the business criteria for making the move?
    - Who sets the criteria?
    - Who is the core set of decision makers required to define the decision process criteria, review the information provided and make the decision to implement a Cloud Computing solution?
Once the business criteria has been set, there are supporting activities to build the complete plan.
Here are some examples:
    - Who defines the ROI criteria which is used to test each proposal to ensure a positive return to the business?
    - Who develops and manages the Service Level agreement against expected service level?
    - Who ensures that the resulting proposal addresses immediate, future business requirements and also will create a competitive advantage for the enterprise?
    - Who describes the requirements / implications for Business Flexibility (i.e. Portability/Interoperability)?
    - Who is responsible for setting the criteria for Date Privacy and Security?
    - Who is responsible for ensuring the transition to Cloud Computing is transparent to the users?
    - Who is responsible for setting the requirements / managing the resources for the development / acquisition of the services?
    - Who is responsible for the managing the procurement of any new resources / assets?
    - Who are the individuals needed to gather the information to make a recommendation for either a Public or Private Cloud?
    - Who is responsible to do an assessment on the reuse of existing services and what is required to deploy those services into the Cloud?
    - Other activities not listed here.

Look forward to your comments.