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Pinned topic WAS CE not starting in WIndows 7

‏2014-06-18T10:05:33Z |

I have installed WebSphere Community Edition version in Windows 7 Laptop yesterday. The installation was successful. Yesterday the server was working fine. I was able to start, stop and access the console application. But today I had observed that the server is not starting as expected. First, I tried to start the server using Start Menu shortcuts. It did not work. Later I directly ran startup.bat in command prompt. I have attached the screen capture of the output with this message. I have also attached the server.log file. Can someone help to understand and resolve the issue?




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    Re: WAS CE not starting in WIndows 7

    ‏2014-07-08T09:42:37Z  in response to MuraliSubramania

    The log show the port 1099 has been used. Could you double confirm if there is another program which has occupied this port or you have started a ce server already? If not, you can try to restart your computer or try to start ce again.