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‏2013-09-27T01:40:30Z | report user


I am new to Doors-DXL,

Can anyone please help me with a DXL script, which can pull out the 'active users list of Doors' and also pls suggest a way to mark the users inactive if they are not active for say 90 days via DXL.



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    Re: Doors active users list


    Must be a DB admin (someone with "Manage Users" power).

    • User usr
    • for usr in database do {string Name =; print Name "\n"}

    As for figuring out who is inactive ... that is beyond you.  You must parse the DOORS login history file ..err.. a copy of that file and figure it alll out the hard way.  Or you could have some database level post-module-open trigger that simply updates the data the user opened some module into system level config files; then write an on-demand script that reads the config files and figure out who to disable.