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‏2013-05-02T14:24:25Z |


I have two questions related to DB2 10.1 LUW. I have a statement like this that is dynamically built in PHP and run against a MYSQL database. We are migrating the MYSQL db to DB2, and I need to figure out the best approach for converting this sql to DB2.


INSERT INTO rxc_casecondition (ConditionName, CardID, CardName, SubRule, ProgramName)
VALUES ('Elderly', '90456881100', 'WM2', 'WM2-Phone', 'MTM2013')
     , ('Dyslipidemia', '90456881100', 'WM2', 'WM2-Phone', 'MTM2013')
     , ('Osteoporosis', '90456881100', 'WM2', 'WM2-Phone', 'MTM2013')
     , ('ESI Hypertension', '90456881100', 'WM2', 'WM2-Phone', 'MTM2013')

Question1: Is it better to run this statement using bind variables in DB2 or leave as is with string literals?

Question2: If bind vars is better, is there an example out there that shows how to bind in cases like this where there are multiple rows in same INSERT?






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