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Pinned topic Como otimizar job e configurações de scan para sites grandes.

‏2011-08-30T16:43:50Z |


How can you speed up the scanning process and reduce the number of pages IBM Rational AppScan Standard, IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise, and IBM Rational Policy Tester is finding?


A job or scan that you are running is taking an excessive amount of time and is finding a large number of links (a number greater than 500).


From a security perspective, big sites (sites comprised of over a couple hundred individual scripts) are very rare.

What does this statement mean?
If you go over 500 links in your scan, you should ask yourself, "did the developers of this application really write 500 individual scripts" (JSP/ASP/PHP files)? Actually, most of the time you will encounter sites that contain tens of thousands or even a million pages. There is no way that a development team no matter how large wrote a million pages.