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Pinned topic How on Incidents to enable Parent-Child Hierarchy for CIs (which exists for Assets)?

‏2013-04-17T06:29:21Z | assets ci incidents



when selected Assets on Incident application there is so call option - open drill down so we can on example select specific PORT which is on some specific INTERFACE. (please take a look at attachment). This is very good option.


Is it possible to do something similar and for configuration items - to be able to manage that PARENT-CHILD hierarchy on the level of Configuration Items not on the level of Classifications. Big problem here is if on example we choose for the CI classification INTERFACE we are getting the list of interfaces but we do not see Parent object of that interface so my customer can not be sure which interface to select. Example is also given in attachment (you see that we have list of interfaces just with some numbers and operator with 10000 interfaces he will not be sure which to choose). It will be quite easier if they have PARENT- CHILD hierarchy. That is how to implement Open Drill Down option and for the Configuration Items. It seems to me that this is big lack of application from IBM side - not to be able to select CIs in some PARENT -CHILD hierarchy. We will have millions of configuration items so SELECT VALUE option is really not useful.


I hope someone can give me its experience and advices. I am using Smart Cloud CD 7.5.1

Thank you,

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