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‏2019-08-22T16:24:26Z |

Is there any good high level documentation on RDS that describes the architecture at a level of abstraction that allows the reader to get a high level picture of how the deployment works and how the components interact?

As I understand it in 'Standalone' mode RDS does not talk to a corporate LDAP but manages all the user data internally.

I also understand that RDS is usually installed alongside TDS (Tivoli Directory Server)

If running in Standalone mode then can RDS be installed by itself (i.e. without installing TDS) or is TDS still an integral part of RDS when it is run in standalone mode?

Is all configuration of RDS done through RDA or is some of the configuration done through editing of configuration files in the RDS deployment file structure?

Has anybody got a brief bullet point guide to a typical example process for installing and configuring RDS in either or both of Standalone and Corporate mode?

I am finding the official documentation a bit dense and impenetrable.


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