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Can someone tell me how Field Association works in Cognos, I have never worked on Cognos and I am trying to resolve data issue on a report. I have a field in my report when i right click on it and go into Data Definition, In the Expression box I have the name of the database column "Amount" and in the association table, it gives like a drop down there`s another field thats select "Tickets"...


Why does Association is needed? Can someone explain me? I also noticed under different columns the association is listed as Automatic.. Where in Impromptu can i find more logic on this??


Can someone help me out?



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    Re: Field Association : Data Definition


    Associating is a formatting option related to Grouping. If you have a report with three columns, Account Name, Account Number and Order Number and group on Account Name, the Account Number column will repeat for every row. Rather than Grouping on Account Number (which will require more system resources), since the Account Number will only change when the Account Name changes, you can Associate Account Number with Account Name. From that point, the Account Number will only display for changes in Account Name.

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