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Pinned topic How to capture the following string?

‏2013-11-03T14:37:11Z |

Hello everybody,

I have the following string: *h2* Text.Sentence1. Sentence2.Text.*h2* And I want to capture the whole text between the both tags *h2*. Does someone have an idea how could I do this?

This i what I did:

- custom dictionary (dicTags) with the Tags: *h2*, *b2* etc.

Then I tried to create a rule: dictTagT Tokens dictTag and to write an annotation just for the parts tokens.

But it doesn't work to get the whole text between the two tags, because in a phrase rule I have a sentence scope, and the scope is not just one sentence. But in an aggregate rule I can capture just dictionary entries. I don't want dictionary entries, I want the whole text between the two tags. I'm really stuck. Does someone have any idea?


Thank you a lot for your answer!


My very best mchukans