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Pinned topic The /Share Directory when not connnected

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If an organization has the Rhapsody /Share file in a common directory, what happens if a user tries to open Rhapsody when not connected to the network?

Is there a way for people to work when NOT connected?

The only work around I see is to change the location of the /Share file in the rhapsody.ini file to a temporary, local location.

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    Re: The /Share Directory when not connnected


    When Share folder is not connected you will run into issues when generating, building and executing code because the framework libraries cannot be found.

    Project that contain profiles (like SysML) cannot access the Profiles folder, compatibility profiles are not found. Property files like site.prp, factory prp and predefined types files are not accessible.

    Some plugins and add-on's may not work.

    Best is to use a local copy of the Share folder and switch access to the network folder by OMROOT variable in rhapsody.ini

    or by command line switch -cmd=setomroot <alternative OMROOT>

    So you can create 2 Rhapsody icons, 1 for local and 1 for network access of the share folder.