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‏2014-04-09T09:42:44Z | issue jit

We have observing strange issue with JIT.  Following code is failing with error. Getting NPE, put there is no line number in the stacktrace, There is no where in the code i can get NPE, since i am checking null. Note: This method will be called morethan 1000 time sin seconds.


Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.avng.api.util.Id.isId(
at com.avng.engine.MetadataCacheBase.getClassInfo(
at com.avng.engine.PersisterBase.getInstance(


Java Code:  Method.Id.isId()

public static boolean isId(String value)

     if (value == null)
return false;
     int valueLength = value.length();
     if (valueLength < 36)
return false;



Host Operating System is Windows Server 2003, version 5.2 build 3790 Service Pack 2
Java version = 1.6.0, Java Compiler = j9jit24, Java VM name = IBM J9 VM
    return false;
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    Re: JIT issue


    To further understand your issue,  share the following logs

    a) <JAVA_HOME>\jre\bin\java -version output?

    b) Hava you tried to exclude the method "isId" from JIT compilation & verified? If so, what is the result?

         like, -Xjit:exclude={com/avng/api/util/Id.isId*}

    c) Generate a system dump on exception & share the dump.