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We have observing strange issue with JIT.  Following code is failing with error. Getting NPE, put there is no line number in the stacktrace, There is no where in the code i can get NPE, since i am checking null. Note: This method will be called morethan 1000 time sin seconds.


Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.avng.api.util.Id.isId(
at com.avng.engine.MetadataCacheBase.getClassInfo(
at com.avng.engine.PersisterBase.getInstance(


Java Code:  Method.Id.isId()

public static boolean isId(String value)

     if (value == null)
return false;
     int valueLength = value.length();
     if (valueLength < 36)
return false;



Host Operating System is Windows Server 2003, version 5.2 build 3790 Service Pack 2
Java version = 1.6.0, Java Compiler = j9jit24, Java VM name = IBM J9 VM
    return false;
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    Re: JIT issue


    To further understand your issue,  share the following logs

    a) <JAVA_HOME>\jre\bin\java -version output?

    b) Hava you tried to exclude the method "isId" from JIT compilation & verified? If so, what is the result?

         like, -Xjit:exclude={com/avng/api/util/Id.isId*}

    c) Generate a system dump on exception & share the dump.