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Can anyone point to any ESQL Documentation that actually shows ESQL?  A Tutorial, a book, anything but the InfoCenter?  For someone trying to learn a programming language with almost no examples of that programming language, this has got to be the most rediculous excuse for Documentation I have ever seen and I have been programming since 1970.  Event the RailRoad Diagrams...don't show ESQL, they show A..B...C  

A perfect example is this page

It describes a lot of stuff about ESQL, but doesn't show one line of ESQL doing what is being described.

Somebody sometime had to have done a better job.  I would even buy a book just to avoid the infocenter on ESQL.


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    Re: ESQL "Documentation"

    ‏2013-04-30T16:28:45Z  in response to O4BO

    I feel you being prejudiced there. 

    The page you referenced shows code examples:

    SET Environment.Variables = 

         ROW('granary' AS bread, 'reisling' AS wine, 'stilton' AS cheese);
    SET Environment.Variables.Colors[] = 
          LIST{'yellow', 'green', 'blue', 'red', 'black'};
    SET Environment.Variables.Country[] = LIST{ROW('UK' AS name, 'pound' AS currency),
             ROW('USA' AS name, 'dollar' AS currency)};


    It also holds a reference to the airline sample which contains more ESQL code.

    Looking at the reference, apart from the railroad diagram showing you the syntax you also have more often than not a little example somewhere on the page, illustrating the use.


    And no there is no "language" book as this would not be that helpful. How would you know which java commands to use to build a house? The same thing goes for ESQL. The language is primarily used to manipulate the message tree. If you have no concept of the message tree, please take a class.