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Pinned topic How to add a filter on table in a pop up window

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Dear experts,

In an object-creating window (create tickets), there is an button for  lunching a popup window to view similar tickets. I need to customize that popup window. the beanclass of the popup window  is


I may need to set a where clause on an MboSetRemote returned by  getMboSetRemote()  with the value of "location" attribute. I wonder if there is a better way to do it.

The location attribute is just typed in the new object no saved yet. Please teach me how to filter the rows in the popup dialog.  I tried in vain to create another class extending SimilarTicketsBean or DataBean directly, and then modify the design xml file.

I thought about a table domain. But cannot find how to do it. I attached a screen shoot, please help.

Thank you very much. Happy new Year!



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    Re: How to add a filter on table in a pop up window


    Done. Fixed an error in XML file.