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Pinned topic EventManager - Event not getting triggered as expected.

‏2016-09-13T19:27:42Z | mdm-migration

I am working in MDM 11.3, want to use MDM Event Manager to detect CreateSuspect Event and to notify SDP task to BPM. After making all the configurations in process action, process control table , I ran eventdetection scripts with category 6003 to detect Suspect event, but CreateSuspect event is not getting triggered, I don't see any errors in logs.Can you please provide me steps to detect CreateSuspect event and to notify SDP task to BPM? Thanks.

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    Re: EventManager - Event not getting triggered as expected.


    Do you mean suspects are not created in MDM database or suspects are not being sent over to BPM. If they aren't created at all, try running evergreening and checking for error or what is happening.

    It seems a case of incomplete configuration but we don't have enough information to be specific.