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Pinned topic How to configure a special thread pool for use on Asynchronously initiated transactional process

‏2014-08-03T19:44:46Z |


I have implemented a process flow as depicted in this write-up for Asynchronous initiated transaction process:

My process flow has one-way request SCA service hosted by a micro-flow that is invoked by mediation module asynchronously. I know the request message goes through SIB (SCA System bus), on which a listener listens and creates a new Asynchronous Consumer. I noticed as per default configuration of Process Server, maximum 3 concurrent threads were created. Now the question is how to configure a special thread pool for use on this asynchronous work and also configure the number of concurrent threads that are allowed to perform the work. I need reference of guide that can help me setup this configuration using Websphere Admin Console.

Hoping to get response quickly. Thanks!