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Pinned topic 12.59.22 STC11721  TSS7100E 070 J=MT1SSTR A=DFKKD T=N/A F=MQS - UNDEFINED ACID

‏2017-08-31T13:03:57Z | acid glassfish mq payara

I am trying to connect to MQ server from Glassfish Payara server by configuring a resource adapter. When our Message Driven Bean tries to connect to MQ using this resource adapter, we are getting this error on the MQ logs  "12.59.22 STC11721  TSS7100E 070 J=MT1SMSTR A=DFKKD T=N/A F=MQS - UNDEFINED ACID". Not able to find any information on this error online. Can someone give some pointers to solve this issue?




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