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‏2013-12-05T11:22:39Z | actions client progress


I use TEM to support a number of tech-savvy users, many of whom have expressed interest in knowing what TEM changes on their computers, without getting spammed with messages.

Therefore, I was wondering if it is possible to somehow specfic actions i execute to the "progress" tab of the clients the action is exectued on? - Thereby making it possible for end-users to see a list of, for example, recently installed patches. 

I don't want to make the actions an offer, as I want to control if, and when they are applied, but I would like an audit/history type functionality to be available for the users.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks, Frederik

  • liuhoting
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    Re: Show actions in progress tab of client


    I'm not too sure on the actions in progress, but if you wanted to see a history of actions on endpoints for users without giving them actual access to the console, couldn't you give them access to web reports?

  • jgstew
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    Re: Show actions in progress tab of client


    I think this project may satisfy what you are looking for:  BF Client Monitor

    For end users I would only have the "starting action" and "ending action" checked. 

  • FrederikBraad
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    Re: Show actions in progress tab of client


    Thanks James, I will try the Client Monitor option.



  • vpetrell
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    Re: Show actions in progress tab of client


    Does anyone know exactly what the "Progress" tab is for in the desktop client? Is it actually suppose to ever show any information because we have noticed that it is always blank?

    We noticed that if you run the task, "Core Protection Module - Enable Client Dashboard", then you can actually see the history of actions by entering what they call "technician mode". This might be exactly what your looking for Frederik, but you need to subscribe to the CPM module to get the content.

    It would be great is the Progress tab showed this out of the box.