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Pinned topic Flash (Alert): IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) V4.1.1.0 through a read from or write to a DMAPI-migrated file may result in undetected data corruption or a recall failure

‏2019-01-25T16:31:19Z |


IBM has identified a problem in IBM Spectrum Scale V4.1.1.0 through, in which under some conditions reading a DMAPI-migrated file may return zeroes instead of the actual data. Further, a DMAPI-migrate operation or writing to a DMAPI-migrated file may cause the size of the stub file to be updated incorrectly, which may cause a mismatch between the file size recorded in the stub file and in the migrated object. This may result in failure of a manual or transparent recall, when triggered by a subsequent read from or write to the file.


See the complete bulletin at:  http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ibm10741243