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Pinned topic Restrict materials issue for specific GL accounts

‏2013-05-13T10:03:12Z |

Hi All,

I have a requirement where I have few blocked GLs. If user selects, one of the blocked GLs for debit account , then he should be notified using dialog and issue should not be allowed for wo actuals. Quite doable using mbo customization. But here is the challenge, I can not use mbo customization.

in order to display the msg, I used a simple workflow, on Workorder, now there are 2 problems:

1. I am not able to initiate the workflow on workorder object because even if i will set it for auto-initiate, it won't be invoked if I make changes in matusetrans.

2. I have added a checkbox called is-blocked to chartofaccounts. In workflow, I am using condition

:matusetrans.gldebitacct in (select glaccount from chartofaccounts where is_blocked_a = 1)

this condition is evaluated true for all matusetrans lines, and not the unsaved one. How would I be able to fetch only the recent added material line?

Any other approach suggested?



Maximo Kid