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Pinned topic Java 11 on AIX (for partners)

‏2018-11-09T12:32:45Z | 11 aix java openj9

On the "IBM developer kits lifecycle dates" is no mentioning of Java 11 yet. I know that OpenJ9 with OpenJDK 11 is available via AdoptOpenJDK and that IBM offering a subscription based support for this (not sure if this really includes AIX).

On this page 11 support is mentioned for Q4 2018:

However we are an IBM ISV partner who relied in the past on IBM JDK packages for AIX to be installed by the customer. If we move our product to Java 11 on all platforms it would be good if we can give customers a recommendation on how to obtain a supported JDK. We also would like to avoid a external organisation and would prefer IBM JDKs.

I havent found any communication on the plans in this area. I contacted the IBM partner management and they refered me to this forum (strangely enough). So is there any partner communication available on this issue?

Also, will JSSE2 be part of OpenJ9 via AdoptOpenJDK? The "Java 8 is supported till 2025", does that include AIX service contracts as a product or what would be neeeded for a customer to download AIX binaries for production use in combination with ISV applications in the future?