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‏2013-02-25T17:07:22Z |
 Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce the Beta 2 release of Java 8 is now available. In this release we have added Packed Object support and improved the JVM dump information, please see below for a summary on these.

Packed Object Support
Packed object support is provided as a technology preview. The Packed Object support feature is an enhancement to Java that allows greater control over the layout of objects in memory. This capability enables greater flexibility when dealing with non-Java memory structures, for example, when exchanging and using data between Java and other languages or environments. The feature also enables the optimization of some patterns of Java objects to reduce overall size and improve the access efficiency.
Improvements to JVM dump information
The ENVINFO section of a javadump includes information about the operating system hypervisor, if present. A new line also shows the ID of the operating system process that produced the javadump.
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    Re: Beta2 now availible

     I almost completly forgot to add all of the Oracle content that has been implemented into this drop along with the above improvements.

    Oracle content

    The SDK provided is functionally equivalent to the Oracle FCS version of Java 8 b73. This release of the SDK includes the following Oracle enhancements:

    - DocTree API JEP 105
    - Add Javadoc to JEP 106
    - Charset improvements JEP 112
    - BCP 47 Locale Matching JEP 128
    - Unicode 6.2 JEP 133
    - Launch JavaFX Applications JEP 153 Note: JavaFX is not supported by the IBM SDK for Java. JavaFX is not part of Java 8 Standard Edition Specification, there are no plans to deliver JavaFX in IBM SDK V8.

    Thanks, Ant.