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Pinned topic BPM Development Environment Regularly self-bounces

‏2019-08-19T01:04:32Z | bpm issues server

For some reason our BPM development environment seems to be quite unstable.  We regularly find it "goes down" for 5-10 minutes, like it's just "bouncing" all by itself.  Really, it's probably doing this at least 3 times a day.  That's on top of it just regularly having issues that mean we need to try bouncing it ourselves to clear it up.  Not that uncommon that we end up with Java Heap Space errors and such things.  Really not sure what things we can try to get it working in a more stable way.  So I thought I'd try here, see if anyone has any ideas.

  • AndrewPaier
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    Re: BPM Development Environment Regularly self-bounces


    First question would be what you are seeing in the logs when it bounces.  Quickly followed by what version of the product you are running.  Stability has definitely improved greatly in 8.5 and above. 

    The Java Heap Space errors are concerning and I would work with someone to get a dump so you can try and trace down why that is happening.  Doing that well is a dark art as far as I am concerned and we have a team that focuses on understanding such things.  It isn't easy. 

    We have customers running at very large scale that aren't seeing these issues so either there is something incorrect in your install/config or in the code that is being written in the BPM solutions themselves.  (Although if you are running 7.x or 8.0.x it could just be the product)


    -Andrew Paier