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I've downloaded the AIX SCAPMUI install from Passport Advantage but I can't get it to install.  If I follow the instructions in the User Guide and enter "install" I get back a usage prompt asking for a "File" parameter, plus several different parm flags.  I can't find any documentation on these options, and "install" is a binary so I can't read the code to figure it out.  There doesn't appear to be a help option on the command, either.  Anybody know what the correct syntax is?

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    Re: scapmui install command on AIX


    The installerAIX/install command requires a "File" parm to be passed but it is not documented what this should be.  The "install" command will return:

    Usage: install [-c DirectoryA] [-f DirectoryB] [-i] [-m] [-M Mode] [-O Owner]
                   [-G Group] [-S] [-n DirectoryC] [-o] [-s] File [DirectoryX ...]

    None of these options are documented and I have requested a doc apar be created.  Hopefully a technote will be published; maybe one of the developers will document this in the wiki?

    If you are installing into an existing IBM Installation Manager environment, IM must be at version 1.7 or higher; you can get the upgrade from Fix Central and install it using the command

    imcl install -repositories <path-to-install-dir>/repository.config -preferences offering.service.repositories.areUsed=false -dataLocation <path-to-existing-IM-data-dir> -installationDirectory <path-to-existing-IM-installation> -acceptLicense

    Then start Installation Manager and import the SCAPMUI repository, which is located in output_aix/repository.config.

    After that you can install SCAPMUI using IM, following the instructions in the documentation.