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Hi All -

Need insight in below cube refresh scenario...We have a cube which is having around 3 Years of data and it is huge. But user requirement is to see all three years data in the same model

This cube refresh is taking long time so we wanted to check for possibilities of going for Incremental refresh using below scenario, need inputs if this can be achieved and if yes how?

Plan is to have 2 MDL files, first  MDL file will have time based partition and will refresh full data for first time and create MDC files at Quarter level i.e. (12 MDC files).

As we wanted to refresh only latest quarter information, we will use another MDL file which will generate only the MDC for this quarter, then copy this MDC to the main location where all 12MDC files are created using first MDL.

Will this approach work? If yes, are there any other steps which we need to take to optimize the cube.

Please help on this. Thanks



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    Re: Cognos Cube Incremental Refresh Scenarios


    I haven't tried it that way exactly, although I believe that what you're suggesting should work.  You'd have to make sure that you did not modify the dimensions/categories that already exist in the older cubes at all... so pay special attention to any that have the "~" unique code generation in them.  When I did it, I used a single model that was time partitioned... the associated query for the data source contained a prompt that could be set, which would filter the date range for the incoming data.  Then after the first build, I would right-click and disable the time based cubes for all but the most recent period... and set the prompt to filter the data to only the most recent date range.  This only rebuilt the cube for the most recent time period and left the others alone.  However, your method should work... I'd still use one model though.  Just disable the time based cube set or the single cube... as needed.  This way you don't need to worry as much about the "~" categories being different.