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‏2013-08-29T13:27:27Z |

Hi, I have downloaded and installed DB2 for Linux and Datastudio  (on to centos 6). What I can not find is any docs as I am not getting "expected" results. I have found a pdf for DB2 Express C 9.x but that uses control centre which is now deprecated.

So far, I have started Datastudio as root (which I installed it as using install.bin - I wonder if this was a mistake) and there are no databases (far enough - just installed it) but no instances and when I installed DB2, it created an instance of db2inst1 (which db2ilist confirms).

Also not sure if the instance is started. There is a db2start in the adm directory but that is owned by bin|bin.

So fairly basic stuff hence the need for some docs.



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    Re: documentation for V10.5


    I did find a pdf on 9.7 - nothing on 10.5 so no idea if large changes except that control centre is no longer there.