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Pinned topic Workproduct folder not created in SVN

‏2013-09-19T18:38:30Z | rmc svn



I created a new plugin and added few tasks and few workproducts. Work Products are assigned to the tasks. Now I did a commit to the SVN. In the SVN repository explorer I am not seeing the workproducts folder for this new plugin. I am only seeing the Tasks folder. 

When I do the publish with adding this new plugin in the configuration, I am seeing all the tasks and workproducts. 

Is there something I am doing wrong that I am not seeing the WP folder in the SVN repository explorer.



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    Re: Workproduct folder not created in SVN


    Folders and files for content elements are only created when rich text attributes are populated.

    So if you just create an element, give it a name and a brief description, no files or folders are created since this information is entirely stored in the plugin.xmi file.