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Pinned topic Storage Manager unresponsive on DS3512

‏2017-08-06T18:45:24Z | ds3512

Hello! I recently received the task of monitoring an IBM DS 3512 storage unit with 2 controllers (controller A has 

ethernet link) and everything was ok in the past 2 -3 weeks, but now, suddenly I can't open Storage Manager Window - it says that the storage is unresponsive.

   The strange thing is that from storage point of view everything seems ok (the vm2 that uses the volumes on storage unit are ok, are running) and I have no amber led lit on in back of controller (all leds are green and ID digits are ok, showing me the enclosure number, not any error code).

   I'm considering reinserting the controller A, but in manual I found strong advice to remove the controller only after changing the status to offline in Storage Manager and after the led OK-to-remove is lit on, which is not. And I can't access Storage Manager to change to status ...

Can somebody help me with some advices?

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    Re: Storage Manager unresponsive on DS3512



    Did you find solution for this problem?

    Best Regards,