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Pinned topic Specific custom canvas on TIP page

‏2013-08-05T13:33:31Z | canvas custom


After creating custom canvas with dashboard I can show it in Service Editor only. The service editor requires user to select 'Custom canvases' from another 'Service Navigation' portlet and find specific object.

Can TBSM be configured to display specific custom canvas as starting point of TIP page? Without long way through Service Navigation portlet.


  • sdiering
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    Re: Specific custom canvas on TIP page


    i would:

    1. create a new page, add a Service Viewer portlet to the page and save
    2. open the page. the Service Viewer displays "No service currently selected" message
    3. select Edit Shared Settings from the Service Viewer toolbar
    4. go to Context tab.  select any service in the Starting Instance: field.  the selected service is to just get context displayed in the viewer...  click OK button.  the previous message should no longer be displayed but rather you should see the topology related to the selected service
    5. now we'll create the actual custom canvas: click the Create Custom Canvas toolbar button.
    6. the widget palette displays and the canvas is in edit mode.  select all the displayed nodes and delete them until you have an empty canvas. 
    7. at this point, you are at exactly the same point as when you create a new Custom Canvas from Service Navigation.  add the widgets you need to create your canvas and Save it.
    8. now when you open the page it should automatically display your custom canvas.



  • v-michael
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    Re: Specific custom canvas on TIP page


    Hello Steve,

    I had selected wrong path to create canvases through service editor and drop-down box 'Custom canvases'.

    When the canvas was created through service viewer for exact service instance, the portal starts displaying it on the page.

    Thanks for information!