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Pinned topic SQL -423 is calling stored procedure from EGL (RBD V7.5.1.3)

‏2013-06-24T17:11:50Z | egl null pointer result set


We are calling a DB2 stored procedure from an EGL bach application (RBD V7.5.1.3). The stored procedure is expected to return a single or multiple rulesets. It goes fine for all the positive scenarios. Whenever the stored procedure returns no row found, it fails with SQLCODE -423.  We have propersql error handling in the calling (EGL) application after the stored procedure call but the control doesn't reach till that point and it fails before that.Is it because the stored procedure return an empty ruleset and the EGL application is not able to handle that?

Please advise.

Thanks, Renuka.

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    Re: SQL -423 is calling stored procedure from EGL (RBD V7.5.1.3)


    Please, Could you put your EGL sql statement here and a SP stm piece too ?