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I have a SVC with backend  HP  EVA 8100, on HP i have all quorum disks. Now i have active a two storage (V7000) and i need shutdown the EVA 8100. For move the quorum i find the command chquorum but i have this question:

- The mdisk  of v7000 to move the quorum  must not be assigned to any Storage Pool  on SVC?

- Are there any best practice to move all three quorum?

This is the option of chquorum command:

    (Optional) Makes the specified quorum ID the active one. The active parameter must be used if neither the mdisk nor the drive parameters are specified.
-mdisk mdisk_id | mdisk_name | -drive drive_id
    (Optional) Specifies the MDisk or drive to be this quorum ID.
    Note: SAN Volume Controller uses MDisks only.
    (Required) Specifies which quorum ID to change. Permitted values are values are 0, 1, and 2.
-override yes|no
    Enables the automatic quorum selection to be overridden. In this state, the quorum disk is only moved if the resources are offline. Do not use this parameter unless a specific quorum disk is required for the configuration.

This is my configuration:

quorum_index status id name         controller_id controller_name active object_type override
0            online 0  QUORUM       0             EVA8100         yes    mdisk       no
1            online 5  HP500FATA_02 0             EVA8100         no     mdisk       no
2            online 6  HP500FATA_03 0             EVA8100         no     mdisk       no

i suppose for move quorum id 1 :

chquorum -mdisk (v7000 mdisk) quorum_id 1

is correct?





  • chriscanto
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    Re: move quorum SVC


    When you remove an mdisk assigned as a quorum disk from a storage pool (mdiskgrp) then SVC will automatically pick another mdisk to take over that role.  However, if you are just shutting down the EVA, rather than removing it from the configuration then you are doing the right thing to assign quorum disks on other storage.

    You can manually reassign quorum disks using either the GUI (depending on software version) or the CLI.

    1) The mdisk  of v7000 to move the quorum  must not be assigned to any Storage Pool  on SVC?

    For an mdisk to be used as a quorum disk then it must be 'managed', which means it must be assigned to a storage pool.  That storage pool can be used for volumes (vdisks) like any other; SVC does *not* require a dedicated quorum storage pool,  it simply reserves a bit of space on the specified mdisk for the quorum data, then the rest is available for volumes in the pool.

    2) Are there any best practice to move all three quorum?

    The chquorum command is not synchronous, but usually takes only a few seconds to complete. In some situations it can take several minutes.  So the best practice is to watch for the output of the lsquorum to change after making one change before making the next change.

    Example CLI usage:

    chquorum -mdisk mdisk11 0

    chquorum -mdisk mdisk12 1

    chquorum -mdisk mdisk13 2