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Pinned topic IBM Director Core service VS SCOM 2K7 R2

‏2013-04-30T09:47:55Z | incompatibility. management software


I contact you because we have a problem with IBM Director Core Service 5.20.31. Our servers have not a Hardware Monitoring due to this problem.

SCOM create an alert regarding the incompatibility of Management Software. IBM Director Core Service 5.20.31 is the last version available on IBM Website.

We have tried to update OSA/Avocent IPMI Driver & Mapping Layer - No result (update failure on w2k8).

We have tried to un-install and re-install IBM Director - No result, same thing management software incompatibility.

I checked IBM site and IBM Director 5.20.31 is compatible with my type of server.

Do you know any solution ?

Thanks in advance.


Benoit Picard.