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Pinned topic dialog box with selected item info

‏2019-09-09T01:15:03Z | box bpm dialog ibm info list row selected

im on bmp 8.5.6

i have a table with 3 colums, displaying limited info of an object (a list of customers). what i want to do select an item from the list, click a button named "show detail" (located at the botto of the page) and have a dialog box displayed, which shows more info for the selected item. i managed to get the dialog box to open when i click the button, but im not being able to map the data to the view containing the dialog box. the dialog box is mapped to the currentItem of the list in  the table but it doesnt work. 

i have the standard bpm tk, with no possibility of using newer stuff 


thx in advance

  • Atanu
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    Re: dialog box with selected item info


    You must have bound you table with a list of complex variable. Ideally you should get the selected object in the listSelected attribute in the variable but you need to either select the row programmatically on the button click on make the table as single select and manually click on the radio on the row to get it selected.


     - Atanu Roy