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Pinned topic v3700 and free space

‏2019-04-08T07:46:57Z | csvfs space v3700

Can somebody help me please. I have v3700 cluster (two nodes) connected over SAS to the two SystemX servers. I ccan't figure out how much free space there is in storage volume.

For example, in hyper-v cluster console, there is clustered volume "brzi" ("fast" in english). It shows size of 1.50TB and free space of 676GB, app 50%.


In Storewize GUI, i have 1.5TB pool with 1.5TB volume ("brzi"), that is available to cluster hosts, and it's seen in the image above.

But when looking in properties of that volume, free space doesn't match free space reported to the cluster (676GB). The files when selected from host, really takes only about 50%.

It's seen as space is entirely used....


Thank you,






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