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Pinned topic Using soma to disable domains

‏2014-06-05T16:34:24Z | domains soma

I'm searching for a way to use soma to help me when it's time for a firmware upgrade.

The procedure state that you should diable all domain to stop network flow through the datapower when doing a firmware upgrade.

Since we have 70+ domains disabling them one after the other using the GUI takes a life time :-S


Is there a way to use SOMA to disabled all but the default domain before running a firmware upgrade?


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    Re: Using soma to disable domains


    I have tried a few things but I'm not versed in XML and WSDL and stuff so im having a  hard time figuring it out.


    Here are a few things I tried... but I don't know where I can get the info I need to build the soap envelope correctly.


    <dp:request xmlns:dp="">
        <dp:modify-config class="domain" name="TestDom">

    I removed a few lines for it to be more clear, (kept only the good stuff ;-)

    I tried with a few calls of do:do-action and a few do-modify-config

    But to no avail. can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Re: Using soma to disable domains


    You should really quiesce though and not disable...


    Our dear friend Hermann has posted this sample XML for us where most commands are outlined:



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    Re: Using soma to disable domains


    Hello Anders, thanx for the reply


    This might do the trick provided that I change a bit the way they (IBM) suggest we do firmware upgrades.

    In the documentation it states:


    After all domains are disabled, save the configuration.

    From the CLI, note which domains are currently active and disable the domains

       show domain 

       conf domain <domainname>

       admin-state disabled 

       After all domains are disabled, save the configuration using the write mem command.

    Reboot the appliance to free up resources.


    I think they ask for a disable so that the domain don't start after the reboot.

    So I guess if I just quiesce the domains and skip the reboot to free up resources? I should be fine, since they wont unquiesce until I tell them to.

    Or after it has rebooted from the firmware upgrade process.


    Im I right on this? Will a quiesced domain still be quiesce after a reboot or not?

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    Re: Using soma to disable domains


    I may have missed some of the needs or ideas suggested but in my lab i just:
    all-domains disable
    show domains
    (check the admin-state they should all be disabled)
    then as Pete noted 'write mem' to save the admin state down and do a shutdown reboot.

    if you need more encrypted space then look into the co;flash;boot delete option if you want to remove the roll back firmware image.

    for what its worth there are some steps listed in this technote for 9235 appliance types;

    hope this helps

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    Re: Using soma to disable domains


    Thank you trey, this should be fine.

    All in all what I wanted is a quick way to disable all domains and soma seemed a good approach.

    But a two line command is the next best thing ;-)


    I have a firmware upgrade scheduled this week so Ill try this and let you know.