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I've decided to go the EGL Rui route to take our shop web based with iseries backend. Coming from green-screen background, im not the best at making gui look web-beautiful. My boss has decided to look elsewhere for web solutions. Most of the stuff he is looking at generates some very professional looking web pages. I find myself behind the 8-ball trying to complete since im not the best with css, graphics, etc...

i was wondering if anyone has this problem. If so, do you have any suggestions?


  • dan_darnell
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    Re: EGL RUI = Ugly?


    It has long been a complaint of mine that IBM picked the ugliest widget set possible with Dojo. I guess there were reasons for doing so -- licensing, primarily -- but it hasn't helped to sell the world on EGL, that's for sure. Early hopes that it would be "easy" to leverage other widget sets (like Sencha/ExtJS or JQuery) were soon dashed. So, yeah, it can be a hard sell when someone is looking at EGL out of the box and comparing to a Sencha-based tool. (Note: With IBM's Worklight product you pick your widget set and it can be Sencha or JQuery as well as Dojo. Wish that were the case with EGL...)

    What can you do? Well, what we have found is that buttons, combo boxes, grids, and the other elements of business applications aren't necessarily that pretty anyway, no matter which widget set you look at. With a little extra work you can surround those more homely elements with graphics and imagery that makes your application very attractive. The problem is that most of us business programmer types are not web designers and/or graphic artists. My recommendation -- and what has worked well for many customers in the past -- is to take your finished (or nearly finished) business applications and hand them over to a graphic artist type to polish. This doesn't have to be a full-time person on staff. There are people who do this as consultants and I have also seen success with contacting colleges and universities and picking up interns or freelance workers that way. The nice thing about college kids is they have all the latest graphic design skills, they work cheap, and they are grateful for something they can put on a resume to show actual, practical work experience when they graduate and enter the job market.

    Those are my suggestions. I will be eager to see if others have ideas too.


  • Daniel_Beauregard
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    Re: EGL RUI = Ugly?


    ClearBlade has a framework called Katana EGL which is very pretty.

    We thought we might purchase it, but ended up building our own framework.

  • JBASkeen
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    Re: EGL RUI = Ugly?


    We use Common CSS files for our sub-systems to overwrite the IBM and Dojo styles so we basically just end up using the widget. We only have one designer and she seems to manage it pretty well but it can be challenging sometimes. We are a smaller shop so it works for us.