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Pinned topic TM1 10.2 (w\ FP1) Contributor issue with Supress Zero

‏2014-02-19T04:56:42Z | 10.2 contributor supress tm1 zero

Hello All!

For now we are using TM1 10.2 with FP1. In TM1 Contributor we have the very uncomrtable issue related with supress zero feature. To reduce it you need to do the next steps:

1. Switch on a "Supress Zero By Rows" feature in a Contributor's form.

2. Drag and drop some dimension from Rows area to Context area or change a position of dimension in a Rows area

3. A supress zero feature will be disappear (switched off). But if you go to a supress zero menu - you will see that a mark for supress zero by rows feature is active.

Generally it means that if you have a dimension with a big count of elements - your form will be crashed, because a supress zero feature doesn't work as well.

Do you have any solutions for this issue? Any ideas?