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Pinned topic '04' Record Status in COBOL pgm

‏2013-08-28T15:24:16Z |

I am using a Copybook, which I have checked and rechecked for record length errors. I continue to receive a record status of '04' when running a pgm in debug. I am an RPG programmer, with limited COBOL skills - I am wondering if there is a reason, other than a field length error, that could be causing the '04' status?

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    Re: '04' Record Status in COBOL pgm


    Which OS are you using? Which COBOL are you using?

    Check the description and length of the file you are reading.

    If you are i-Series (your reference to RPG) your input is probably variable and you have a record on the file which is shorter or longer than you expect. The 04 on the Mainframe is slightly different, so we need to know your answers.