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‏2013-08-27T13:58:35Z |

Is anyone else having any difficulty with this patch? When I run the relevance on my computers I get the following, "E: Singular expression refers to nonexistent object." from Relevance 5. It appears the problem is from the "Windows Journal" part. If I run the following, q: exists folder "WINDOWS JOURNAL\" of (value "ProgramFilesDir" of key "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion" of registry as folder). I get A: False

The relevance does not check to see if the folder exists first so it just fails the relevance. The other problem that I'm having is that Windows Update seems to think that my computers require this update even though the "Windows Journal" feature is turned off.


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    Re: MS13-054 KB2835364 Win 7 x86


    H Sinucus,

    From your description, we can see that the Windows Journal feature has been turned off and our relevance is showing false for your system and the behavior is as expected.

    Your concern now is about the Windows Update report. WUA shows your machines need this patch.

    Can you try to install the patch manually? Just to see if you can install it without turning on the feature?