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Hi all,

I know the IBM is making several offerings for bundled solutions IBM SW - PowerLinux. An example is this one on COGNOS:

However, it would be great to have an overview over all the promotions, especially when they end; do you know where I can find such information? IBM External or Internal.





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    Re: SWG Offers on PowerLinux


    This being the external mailing list / forum, I think we'll stay with that perspective here.

    The best place that I watch is the IBM Linux on Power Systems web page over on

    The Solutions tab does have a number of solutions available there.    

    I also setup a number of Google Alerts, to watch for PowerLinux and IBM web page hits across the web, tailored for what I like to watch for.    Course, my focus is more along the technical sides, but it's easy to setup something to watch for what Business Partners are doing as well.    Ron Gordon of course is always good at communicating things, it's good to see his name again on the mainline blog post there. 

    To your question on an overview of all of the promotions, we don't really keep track of that here on the technical side of PowerLinux, but if you contact me internally, we can hook you up with the right teams inside IBM.