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Pinned topic OS Deployment fails with T3500 and T7500

‏2013-08-29T17:16:57Z | bare metal osd t3500 t7500 tpmfosd


I have been working on setting up the OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging. Currently, following the instructions, it works perfectly for some of our older systems and laptops, but when trying to image a Dell Precision T3500 or T7500 it fails on Injecting Drivers. Specifically, I get the error:

"Failed to run the last action: Inject Drivers. Execution of task sequence failed.

Unknown error (Error: 00001550; Source: Unknown)"

Searching around, I was able to get the T3500 working by opening the MDT Bundle, opening the Deploy Windows 7 Task Sequence, scrolling to the Install Operating System task and then changing the location from "Logical drive letter stored in a variable" to "Specific logical drive letter" and using 'C' as the drive letter. With this set, the T7500 will also image, but it will fail on the step "Error Detection - Phase 2". If I reboot, Windows is installed with all the drivers, but the stuff that's supposed to run in Windows does not occur. I figure I could set MDT to continue if error detection fails, but I don't want to be making edits to MDT when the generation is automated.

I've attached the logs that contain the failure with the unedited MDT bundle for both the T7500 and the T3500. Any ideas what might be going wrong?