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Pinned topic Unable to start RAD 8.5 and RAD 9.0 all of a sudden

‏2014-02-23T15:37:05Z | mercury rad

I started getting error when trying to start RAD versions 8.5 and 9.0 on my machine at work all of a suddent last Monday.  So I opened a PMR and provided the log files with the PMR.

I also looked at the error in the log i had submitted.  For both the versions, I found out that the error was

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.mercury.ftjadin.hooks.interfaces.WToolkitHookQTJA

After some research I also found out that it is caused by HP's product that was installed on my box ( It was done as a corporate push and I wasn't even aware of it ). 

The person to whom the PMR was assigned to, asked me to re-install both versions of RAD.  It is a time cosuming process to install RAD versions and also we need to request it to be done by desktop support.

My question here is -

  • Is that the only option available to me to get both the RADs ( 8.5 and 9.0 ) working on my machine?
  • How will re-installing resolve the issue or in other words what changes will get made that will fix the issue?

Thank you



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    Re: Unable to start RAD 8.5 and RAD 9.0 all of a sudden



    I found a technote which could be the situation:

    I understand the technote is for RPT however since RPT and RAD are eclipse based products it might still work.