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Pinned topic Need Help - Sending Email alert using IBM Business Monitor 8.0.1

‏2013-06-28T03:28:25Z | bpmv8.0.1 businessmonitor wbm


Product Used - IBM Business Monitor 8.0.1

I am trying to use Monitor Action Services to send EmailAlerts.

I am successfully able to send email alerts to unsecured server like lotus notes. This server does not require any authentication. But when I try to connect to secured SMTP server (like hMailServer), Monitor Server gives error saying authentication failed.

[6/28/13 9:34:00:139 IST] 00000093 EmailHelper   E sendEmail(String, String, String, ArrayList) CWMAA2006E: An unexpected exception occurred. Exception stack javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: failed to connect
    at co
Caused by: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: failed to connect
    at javax.mail.Service.connect(
    ... 20 more

Dashboard alerts goes fine without any problem.

I can't see any place on configuration tab on Monitor Console to specify authentication details (id/password) for SMTP Server.

Attaching the snapshot of configuration tab from my console.

Please help if someone has tried connecting monitor with secured smtp server.



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