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Pinned topic BC HT switches combination

‏2013-05-07T04:34:38Z | bladecenter ht msim switch


I am trying to design BC HT solution and am looking for answers from those who know:

1. Can you mix: I. Copper Pass Through (bay 1/2), SAS (3/4), MSIM-HT with 1Gb switches (7/9) and HighSpeed 10Gb Switches (8/10)?

(I could not find anybody using such configuration, SSCT does not allow it, however I did not find any info in IBM published material - Redbooks, etc - that it is not possible)?

2. Are Cisco 3012 switches supported in MSIM-HT? Info in various redbooks and cog is really confusing as it directly contradicts each other (ie. many times it is written that Cisco 3012 are not supported in MSIM-HT, yet latest BC Interoperability Guide says they are supported?

3. Does USB RDX work attached with BC HT (I could only find an info that it works with BC S)?

Thank you in advance :)